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Pennsylvania officials demand action on guns after violent shootout

Armed standoff paralyzes PA neighborhood
Armed standoff paralyzes PA neighborhood 03:49

Lawmakers in Philadelphia on Thursday called for action on gun reform after an hourslong standoff left six police officers wounded. The officers were left with non-life-threatening injuries, and officials said they were amazed no one died in the dramatic seven-plus-hour shootout.

Maurice Hill, 36, surrendered to police Wednesday and was expected to face multiple charges, including attempted murder and aggravated assault.

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf said during a press conference that lawmakers need to figure out ways to remove guns from people like the suspected gunman in Wednesday's standoff. He said he plans to announce executive actions on Friday morning in Harrisburg.

"I will do everything I can as governor, but to get the General Assembly to step up and pass legislation that will start getting guns out of the hands of criminals like this, we need to do that," Wolf said. "We have needed to do this for a long time."

Democratic Sen. Bob Casey also called for a ban on military-style weapons.

"It's time for the United States Senate to vote on a background check bill, but also not to forget about, and not to push off for another day, finally, at long last, a ban on military-style assault weapons, which are weapons of war that should not be on our streets," Casey said at the news conference.

Police Commissioner Richard Ross attempted to negotiate with the gunman on Wednesday evening and said he "didn't think it would end nearly the way it did."

"There was dialogue being presented to us at the scene that suggested this man was not going to go back to prison, and he had made that clear, and we knew he had the weaponry."

The six officers injured were briefly hospitalized near the scene but were able to return home Wednesday evening.

Jericka Duncan contributed to this report.

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