Photographer's cute and creative family photos

Jason Lee's daughters Kayla, 5, left, and Kristin, 8.
Jason Lee

(CBS) Jason Lee and his daughters have become online sensations for his highly-edited photos of the girls.

Lee, a professional wedding photographer by trade, has reached the heights of online fame for his almost whimsical fantasy family album of his two daughters, Kristin, 8, and Kayla, 5. Lee produces photos of his children in amazing and often funny scenes, such as a daughter floating from a balloon or hanging from a ceiling fan.

Pictures: See more photos of Kristin and Kayla

Lee told CBS News he initially created the album on his photo blog for family and friends. But his photos took a particularly creative turn when his mother was diagnosed with cancer and it seemed that her granddaughters could make the chemotherapy easier to take.

Lee said, "I guess I kind of wanted to bring a smile to her face by looking at the photos and I think it kind of like grew from there - the ideas kind of got a little bit crazier, a little bit more outrageous."

Check out some of Lee's amazing and now-famous shots in the "CBS This Morning" segment.

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