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Pigging Out In Peace

At the Safe Harbor Pig Refuge, each piggy has a name, a story and the opportunity to "pig out" in peace reports Correspondent Bridget Smith of CBS affiliate KENS.

The refuge is a place where all pigs are priority. According to owner Angharad Rees, "It got to the point where if a phone call came, and said could you give a pig a home, I said yeah because I didn't want to turn one away."

Already considered one of the smarter members of the animal community, these pigs are happy and stress-free to boot. Passionate about porkers, Rees has created a place where every animal is safe to do their own thing and have their say -- and where they're also safely removed from the threat of a trip to the butcher.

Rees has even made her way to auctions were pigs were about to become...well...bacon. "The sheriff started the auction, and someone said, 'I'll take them all for $2,' and I go, '$5' and the guy said, 'too rich for my blood,' and I walked off with four pigs for $5," she says of one rescue.

"I just get the most joy out of having these animals around me, and realizing that they're happy here. They're comfortable here," she explains.

Seventy-five pigs later, she says, Some are happy, some are grouchy, some are affectionate, some get scared."

But all of them get names. "We have Lina Havolina," she says. "We have Boris Borloft, we have Spam, we have Ham, we have Petunia Porkchop."

The Safe Harbor Pig Refuge is hoping to get their non-profit status by Christmas, so the public can eventually visit the refuge and interact with the animals. By then, who knows how many happy piggies there will be -- according to Rees, "There's always room for one more."

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