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Politico: Clinton Says Don't Trash Kennedy

Secretary of State designee Hillary Clinton has gotten word to her supporters not to get in the way of Caroline Kennedy replacing her in the Senate, the Politico reports.

Clinton supporters who expressed skepticism of the pick, including Rep. Anthony Weiner, union leader Stuart Applebaum and fundraiser Robert Zimmerman, "were told that their comments weren't appreciated, and that if they have a candidate they prefer that is motivating their comments and actions, they need to make that crystal clear so that nobody thinks we're behind it." That's according to a person close to the replacement talks, reports Ben Smith.

This is likely to help clear the path for Kennedy to get the appointment from Gov. David Paterson. But it should be noted that Paterson has indicated there is not yet a "frontrunner" for the pick.

Some Kennedy skeptics are suggesting that picking Kennedy, an Obama supporter during the Democratic primaries, would be seen as a slight toward Clinton, but the former first lady herself does not appear to be of that view.

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