President George W. Bush "antsy" after heart procedure, friends say

President Bush and his wife Laura wave as they leave Marine One at TSTC airfield in Waco, Texas Sunday May 23, 2004. Bush fell while mountain biking on his ranch Saturday and suffered cuts and bruises.

(CBS News) Friends tell CBS News' Jan Crawford that former PresidentGeorge W Bush is "antsy" as he recovers from heart surgery at a Dallas hospital. Earlier this week, doctors placed a stent the 43rd president's heart, to open a blocked artery.

Bush is considered fit and active -- having just completed a 62-mile public bike ride with military veterans just over two months ago -- and Paul Morse, a former White House photographer who was with Bush for the bike trek told Crawford, "He rode every kilometer, every bit of that ride and was looking really, really strong. ... [He] gave the fit people a run for their money"

Morse also joined President Bush in Africa last month, when Bush volunteered at a clinic and participated in a ceremony with President Obama.

"He looked really fit, he looked super healthy and had a lot of energy," Morse said of the Bush's state during the trip abroad.

An avid runner and cyclist, Bush talked up the value of exercise throughout his presidency and was open about watching his weight.

Ed Gillespie, a former White House adviser who would join the president for frequent runs said, "President Bush shied away from processed foods and late-night big meals. [He] did not drink wine, beer, or alcohol."

Still, CBS News' chief medical correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook said Wednesday that despite his physical fitness, stress and genetics could be a factor in the 43rd president's blocked artery.

"Heart disease is the number one killer in the United States for both men and women and every year many many people die without knowing they have any history of heart attack. ... Now we're realizing stress is something that can contribute," Dr. LaPook said on "CBS This Morning."