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Print Your Own iPhone Dock

As a new iPhone owner, I'm not wild about the idea of paying Apple $30 for a desktop dock. Sure, there's always the binder-clip dock from a couple months ago, but that's a pretty ugly solution (both literally and figuratively). For something a little more elegant, less expensive, and easier to make, check out Geeky Gadgets' cardboard iPhone dock.

As shown in the above video, all you need is a lightweight piece of cardboard and some glue (preferably the spray-on variety). Just print out the template, affix it to the cardboard, and cut as shown. Presto: a nice-looking little dock. A bit flimsy, perhaps, but what do you want for $0?

Of course, this doesn't beat my all-time favorite: the paper-clip iPhone stand. That's more for movie-watching, I think, but you could use it as a desktop dock. [via Lifehacker]

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