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Psy watches and reviews "Gangnam Style" parodies

(CBS News) If you're a regular here at The Feed, you're definitely aware of our extensive coverage of the K-Pop sensation that is Psy along with a multitude of fun parodies and tributes in the aftermath of his meteoric rise. But what does Psy himself think of these covers? Let's find out.

So it seems his favorite so is the adorable dance performance by a 60-year-old mom and son. That's kind of endearing, right?  The fun perspective on the phenomenon that is Psy was done by Fuse TV and gives some insight into how the Korean artist is reacting to the attention (it looks like he's having some fun). I'm going to go ahead and include Psy's favorite "Gangnam Style Mom" video below and to check out more from Fuse TV, you can visit their website by clicking here.

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