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Put Google Docs to Productive Use

google-docs-logo.jpgYesterday we told you about the newly overhauled Google Docs & Spreadsheets, which sports a new interface and new features. Today, Web Worker Daily offers 10 productivity tips designed to help you leverage GD&S to the fullest. Here's an example:

Use search to find docs quickly. When you're on the main page for Google Docs, with your listing of documents, instead of clicking through folders or scrolling to find a document, just go to the search bar and start typing. The names of documents with those letters will appear in a flash. If the keyword you're looking for isn't in the title of the document, but in the content, just press enter and you'll get a quick listing of docs with that keyword. It's much faster to use the search box than to use your mouse.
The article also serves up keyboard shortcuts, formatting suggestions, and other useful tips. Got one of your own to share? You know where: the Comments!
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