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Put Your PDA or Smartphone to Productive Use

smartphone.jpgWeb Worker Daily serves up 10 ways you can use your PDA, smartphone, UMPC, or other mobile device more productively. For example, create on-the-go to-do lists:

If you keep your to-do list(s) on the computer, it can be a hassle to print them out before you leave home or the office. Instead, keep your to-dos on your mobile device, so you can have your errands and shopping list on the go. And even more importantly, keep a 3-item to-do list of the most important tasks you want to accomplish today, in case you need to do them on the go -- then focus on those tasks, not email or other interruptions, if you do decide to work on the road.
The author also recommends offline reading, on-the-road brainstorming, and disconnecting your device from the Internet so it's not constantly interrupting you with new e-mail and text messages. Of course, that's not an option for some users, but the rest of the ideas are well worth considering. What's your favorite way to be productive with your phone or PDA? Put your ideas in the Comments.
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