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Record Your Phone Calls

call-recording.jpgYou probably didn't know this, but many smartphones can record voice conversations. This kind of capability can come in handy for reporters conducting interviews, managers who want to keep records of calls with suppliers, and so on. (Note: State laws vary with regard to the legality of recording phone calls, but usually it requires the consent of just one party.) All you need is the right software.

Users of Palm OS-based Treos, for instance, should check out CallRec 5.0 ($19.99), which can record all calls or just those you choose. VITO AudioNotes ($19.95) offers similar functionality for Windows Mobile smartphones, while Call Recorder Pro ($11.95) does the job for Symbian phones. Have you found another call-recording app you're itching to recommend? Click the Comments link and tell us about it!

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