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Recover Lost Form Data in Your Browser with Lazarus

There's perhaps nothing more infuriating that entering data into a form on the Web, and then have something go awry -- your PC or the browser crashes, or the site itself goes offline -- and all your precious data disappears.

You're left with the bitter knowledge that if you want to attend that sales conference or to buy that t-shirt that says something witty about Battlestar Galactica, you're going to have to enter your information all over again. Well, help is here. Lazarus is a Firefox add-on that recovers lost form data for you.

Lazarus automatically saves every keystroke you enter into your Web forms and can bring it back with a single menu selection. And when I say form, don't be thinking just about order forms at Think Geek and Amazon. Lazarus captures the data you enter into Web mail, blog entries, comment boxes, and more. If you type into a Web page, you can pretty much trust that Lazarus has your back.

Lazarus proved its worth to me the very first time I tried replying to a blog post but I wasn't signed in to the blog. When the blog redirected me to log in, it threw away my lengthy comment in the process. Thankfully, I right-clicked and chose Recover Form, and all was well. If you use Firefox, this add-on is truly essential.

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