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Reid Preps $850 Billion Stimulus

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is rapidly putting together a sweeping $850 billion economic stimulus and has relayed a list of Obama transition team demands for how to spend the money, including energy, infrastructure, health care and education spending.

Reid Chief of Staff Gary Myrick sent out a memo — obtained by Politico — to Democratic Senate offices this afternoon soliciting ideas for this stimulus package, which congressional leaders want passed by inauguration.

Myrick, in his memo to Senate offices, says that "the Obama approach to economic recovery consists of five major categories: energy, infrastructure, education, health care, protecting the most vulnerable."

The memo adds that "the goal for completing action on this important legislation should be as close to January 20th as possible."

Even though there is widespread agreement that some economic package is needed, Republican Senate leaders are balking and may slow down the pre-inauguration agenda. On top of that, Reid isn't even sure how many Democrats will be on hand in the Senate on Jan. 6 when Congress convenes, thanks to the Minnesota recount and pending vacancies for the Illinois, New York and Colorado Senate seats.

The full memo is posted after the jump, but in reading the mandate from Reid's office, it's clear that the Democratic leader is taking all his cues from the Obama transition team and wants the Democratic Congress to give Obama a honeymoon.

Republicans probably won't let that happen.


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