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Reminder: We're at War

By Harry Smith

Need I remind you we are at war? It was just last Christmas that a terrorist with his underwear full of explosives almost got away with blowing up a plane as it landed in Detroit. Few of us are big fans of the TSA, the screeners at America's airports. But, this hubbub about the new full body scanners is the wrong reaction.

What every traveler should realize is the person who is looking at your scan is in another room. In other words, they can't see you. They see your scan and that's it. There is no real reason to opt-out, which requires the TSA to do the very intrusive pat down. What we all need to remember is Al-Qaeda is obsessed with bringing down airplanes. The bombs in the printer cartridges a few weeks back should have been reminder enough that Al-Qaeda is always with us.

Just a Minute...I'm Harry Smith, CBS News.

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