Retired Optician Helps Other Veterans See

Frank Montijo, a retired optician, helps a veteran with his glasses.

He is on his feet - or on the go - eight hours a day, and 76-year-old Frank Montijo's bedside manner gets instant results.

A retired optician, Montijo makes weekly rounds at the Denver Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

"Anyone here like to have their glasses adjusted or repaired?" Montijo asks in the medical center.

He's the only volunteer with a fee, reports CBS News correspondent Barry Pettersen.

"I charge a handshake and a smile," Montijo said.

"I think he should be paid at least a hug, too," said Joseph Anello.

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Montijo's cart is like an optician's office on wheels, beginning with a couple of hundred spare frames. He can tighten loose screws or nose pads, clean them, and even replace frames with his vintage frying pan filled with talcum powder and salt.

Absentmindedness keeps him in supplies. Glasses forgotten on Frontier Airlines flights are picked up by Montijo who takes them home to sort and clean.

It has been 21,500 served in a decade of helping satisfied customers like Vietnam veteran Gene Yohn.

"I think if we had more like that in this world, we'd have a better world," Yohn said.

Montijo saw combat on the USS Fechteler during the Korean War, so when it comes to helping fellow veterans, his passion runs deep.

"I just don't know how to say no when a guy needs me," said Montijo, moved to tears.

"I can't tell if you're a veteran or a good friend," Petersen said.

"Both," Montijo said.

Frank served his country with honor, and every week, he takes pride in serving it again.