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RFK Jr. Not Interested In Clinton's Seat

Robert Kennedy Jr. has told New York Gov. David Paterson he is not interested in being appointed to the seat that will be vacated by Senator Hillary Clinton (and the same seat once held by his father) if she is confirmed as the next Secretary of State, the New York Times reports. Kennedy has been among a lengthy list of names being circulated and he becomes the second to publicly bow out, joining Rep. Nita Lowey who yesterday said she was not interested. Paterson is reportedly interested in tapping someone from upstate New York, a woman or an Hispanic for the seat.

Kennedy, an environmental lawyer and activist, said he's happy doing what he's doing right now. "I have spent lots of time thinking about it," he told the Times. "I have spent time talking with my uncle, by brothers, my cousin and, of course, my wife. And I think I'm in a good position right now doing what I'm doing."

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