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JetBlue flight diverted after woman allegedly kicks flight attendant, throws snacks

NEW YORK -- A woman is scheduled to be arraigned Friday after she was kicked off a JetBlue plane last summer for kicking a flight attendant, throwing snacks and flirtatiously touching a male passenger without his consent, according to federal court documents.

Robin Ducore, 30, was formally indicted last week on a single charge of interference with flight crew members and attendants for allegedly disrupting the July 29, 2017, flight from the Dominican Republic to New York City.  The flight was diverted to Washington Dulles International Airport, costing JetBlue $36,126.25. The airline was forced to provide 144 passengers with a $150.00 credit voucher.

Court documents allege Ducore consumed four glasses of white wine during a 90-minute period on the flight. She was then cut off by a flight attendant and began to curse loudly and kick the seat of the passenger sitting in front of her. Ducore then allegedly began to touch a male passenger on the back of his head "in a flirtatious manner" and was repeatedly told to stop touching him.

After other passengers tried to calm Ducore down, she was offered snacks and bottled water, which she threw across the aircraft while yelling profanity, the documents allege. Ducore was placed in flex cuffs and was overheard saying, "I hate life" and that "nobody loves her."

Five minutes later, she broke out of the flex cuffs and allegedly kicked a flight attendant in the leg, according to the documents.  Another flight attendant allegedly sat next to her until she passed out and the flight diverted to Dulles.

Ducore's attorney told WRC-TV they will argue she was already drunk before boarding and JetBlue shouldn't have allowed her on the flight.

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