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Rodman, Electra Still Married

Former "Baywatch" actress Carmen Electra says she and Dennis Rodman still are married and have no plans on getting an annulment.

"Everyone thinks we got the annulment," she said Thursday.

The couple had considered dissolving their marriage after they exchanged vows at a quick ceremony in Las Vegas on Nov. 14 but then decided to stick together.

"We love each other," she said.

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    Forum: How long with the marriage last?

  • The Chicago Bulls star known for his outrageous outfits, tattoos and dyed hair "really does have a good heart," she said.

    "And that's what I love about him -- his kind, generous heart and his way of trying to make everyone around him feel comfortable and happy and have a good time," she said.

    Electra, 26, said she doesn't mind living in separate homes. She lives in a house in Beverly Hills while he lives in Newport Beach.

    "It gives us time to miss each other," she said. "I think if we were together every day we would get on each other's nerves."

    At a public appearance in New York last month, Rodman insisted he and Electra were still married despite the annulment papers he filed nine days after their ceremony.

    "She's a very classy woman," Rodman said. "The decision I made was my decision and hopefully it stays."

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