Rough winter weather comes back with a vengeance

A tree crashed through Ed and Moira Desalvio's home because of high winds.

After a week in which much of the country got a break from winter, the rough weather is back with a vengeance. Snow, powerful storms and destructive winds have all been in the forecast and travelers should get ready for what could be a frustrating few days ahead.

CBS News correspondent Randall Pinkston reports in Glen Rock, N.J., Ed and Moira Desalvio are picking up the pieces.

Winds roared through town at 60 miles per hour, uprooting a 90-foot oak that crashed through their home Saturday night. They were visiting family.

Another Blizzard Rolls East through Plains

"Whose room is that?" Pinkston asked the Desalvios.

"That's our master bedroom," said Ed Desalvio. "We would have been, probably crushed, if we were in there at the time."

The town building department ruled the home unsafe, forcing the Desalvios to find temporary shelter.

The high winds fed an apartment building fire in Brooklyn. At least 20 firefighters were injured. Hundreds of building residents are homeless.

"On a night when it's cold and windy, with a fire like this one, people are out of a home. It's terrible," said a witness.

The entire northeast endured sustained winds topping 55 miles per hour. In Boston, scaffolding crushed cars. A helicopter rescue of two West Point cadets was delayed two hours and in Washington, the national Christmas tree was ripped apart after standing for more than 30 years.

Further south, 40 wildfires are burning through 4,000 acres in North Carolina, dry air and high winds are preventing containment.

Winter seems to be making a comeback. A powerful storm is drenching southern California and dumping snow in the Bear Mountain area, causing traffic pile-ups east of Los Angeles.

In Minneapolis, Delta has already canceled 700 flights as the city braces for as much as 18 inches of snow.

"While many across the country, including in the northern plains had a little taste of spring fever because of the warmth, this storm will remind everybody that winter is far from over," says meteorologist Bernie Rayno.

The east coast is bracing for the next round of winter weather, up to 3 inches of snow is forecast to hit New York city, more than 6 inches upstate and in New England. People should keep snow shovels handy.