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Royal Wedding Buzz Focus on Date, William's Dad

There's still no official date set for Prince William and Kate Middleton's royal wedding, but CBS News correspondent Elizabeth Palmer reports that speculation is rife that April 28, 2010 will be the magic day and Westminster Abbey the chosen venue.

If a prince can ever be "just one of the boys," a football match and a bachelor party are good places to show it. Over the weekend, William and a group of, yes, rich and privileged friends, also took in a funfair.

It's this "man of the people" image that Britons seem to love.

"I think he seems like a more natural successor to the throne than his father does," remarked one of the Queen's subjects on the streets of England.

William's father, Prince Charles, is heir to the throne; Britain's next king when his mother Queen Elizabeth dies.

But Charles - married to a divorcee and sometimes perceived as remote, with an eccentric passion for organic farming - is not a natural favorite.

Two recent polls showed a clear majority - as much as 64 percent - of Britons want him to step aside so the crown can go straight to his personable young son William, and his beautiful almost-bride.

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"These polls that are taken on the back of the excitement of an engagement and all these gorgeous picturtes of this golden couple are usually not very accurate," cautions Ingrid Seward, a longtime royal watcher and editor of Majesty magazine.

Many people in our straw poll agreed that William should wait his turn.

One person simply said Charles "will make a good king," and others pointed out his often unsung charity work and efforts to get young people into business as evidence he is not only in line, but worthy of the title.

In keeping with his down-to-earth image, William is back at work as a search and rescue helicopter pilot this week.

After he announced his engagement last week he was part of a crew that pulled a hiker suffering chest pains off a mountain.

Meanwhile, his fiancee, Kate - now Catherine - Middleton is spending time with her family planning what will be the grandest social event of the spring… or the summer… whenever it may be.

Conventional wisdom has it that we'll hear where and when either Monday or Tuesday, because the Queen is leaving town for Abu Dhabi on Wednesday. She won't be home until the weekend, and nobody thinks the secret will hold until then.

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