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Royal wedding: Kate Middleton look-a-like rakes in thousands (VIDEO)

Kate Middleton look-a-like Kate Bevan poses with a hand-knitted Kate Middleton doll on Jan. 25, 2011, in London. Getty

(CBS) She turns head wherever she goes in London. She's a "Copy Kate." Her name is Kate Bevan. She earns $1000 a day pretending to be Kate Middleton.

(Scroll down to watch a video about "Copy Kate" Kate Bevan.)

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She's not the only one who wants to look like Kate. Copies of Middleton's blue engagement dress sold out in stores and online in a matter of minutes. Knock-offs of her $140,000 engagement made in China sell for about $4.

Women around the world are getting Kate's haircut and make-up. Bevan has studied every photo of the future queen she can get her hands on. She's had to emulate the voice and gestures of Middleton.

The queen's own personal hairdresser, Ian Carmichael, is doing his part helping Bevan get the proper look.

"I wonder whether [Middleton's] scene anything in the newspapers," says Bevan.

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