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Run Multiple, Persistent Outlook Searches with OutlookDeck

Where is that conversation about the Jackson account? Wait... the boss wants your comments on her PowerPoint deck. Oh, hang on... HR needs your intern's performance review. It's all in e-mail, so you're starting and stopping searches like a psychotic, touch-typing bunny. Instead, try the ultimate Outlook tool for multitaskers: OutlookDeck lets you run multiple, persistent searches and see the results side-by-side.

OutlookDeck is, in the author's words, an homage to TweetDeck, a desktop Twitter tool for tracking multiple Tweets simultaneously. To use OutlookDeck, just type a search and instantly, you'll see a column of results appear, culled from everywhere, including stored folders, sent mail, and the trash. Click any message to open the original e-mail in Outlook. And don't worry about OutlookDeck mucking around with Outlook; it's a separate program and makes no changes to your e-mail client.

That's pretty much it. This is a work in progress, and the author is taking feedback and suggestions. I like it; the ability to keep adding new searches without losing ones you've already performed is kind of game-changing.

On the other hand, there's not a whole lot of preview in each message, and the interface is dark and cold enough to sap your will to live. That said, this one is worth trying, but let's cross our fingers for some clever improvements soon.

Thanks to Ryan for the tip!

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