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Run Zoho Mobile Apps on Your Smartphone

Further proof that, in a pinch, your smartphone can fill your laptop's shoes, Zoho Mobile is now available for all major smartphone platforms.

That means you can review documents, check your calendar, view databases, and more on Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Symbian, and Windows Mobile handsets. If, of course, you're steeped in Zoho apps to begin with.

Zoho Mobile currently consists of six apps: Zoho Calendar, Zoho Creator, Zoho Mail, Zoho Sheet, Zoho Show, and Zoho Writer. (Man, that's a lotta Zoho!) While you can compose new messages in Mail and add new events to Calendar, the rest of the apps are largely read-only: You can view your documents but not edit them.

The mobile version of Zoho Writer does let you create new documents (plain text only -- you can't even italicize at this point), but after you save it, you can't edit it again until you get back to your PC.

If you need more robust mobile apps, check out something like Quickoffice (and win a copy for your iPhone!). It's available for most platforms, and it lets you do more than just view your documents. Here's hoping Zoho Mobile will do likewise in the near future, because we like free better than not-free.

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