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Runs With Nuns Helping Troubled Kids

The sisters at the St. Charles Children's Home in Rochester, N.H. are using a unique way to keep their troubled charges in line and help them with their problems.

They're running — not away from their difficulties, but toward progress.

As Dr. Debbye Turner reported on The Early Show's "My New Life" segment Wednesday, the nuns and children staying in the home run four miles together every day, rain or shine, with remarkable results for the kids' emotional beings, not to mention their physical condition.

Rewards include better control over anger and aggression, and better performance in school.

"It's a very powerful tool to diffuse highly charged anger," Sister Maximilian, who got the idea, told Dr. Turner. "There are some kids that we know that if they don't run, they're going to have a lot of difficulty during the day."

What about kids who can't make it through the entire four miles?

"That's why I bring a buggy!" the sister said to Dr. Turner. She wheels them until they get their energy back.

Dr. Turner was there on Labor Day for the home's annual 5K run in Portsmouth, N.H.

She even ran along at one point (Dr. Turner has run marathons).

To watch Dr. Turner's report, click here.

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