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Russia Builds "Dad Of All Bombs"

Back in 2003, the U.S. proudly trotted out the so-called "mother of all bombs," a device described as the most powerful non-nuclear weapon in history.

Now, Russia claims it has built the "dad of all bombs," claiming that it is four times more powerful, has an epicenter temperature that is twice as high and covers double the area with its destructive force.

Russian state television says the military has successfully tested what it describes as the world's most powerful non-nuclear, air-delivered bomb.

Alexander Rukshin, a deputy chief of the Russian armed forces staff told the Channel One television station that the bomb is comparable to a nuclear weapon in efficiency and capability, but unlike a nuclear weapon, it doesn't hurt the environment. He described the mechanism of the bomb's destructive capabilities, saying that it is based on the detonation of a fine spray of combustible substance resulting in a shockwave and a high temperature explosion.

The Channel One television report showed the bomb dropped by parachute from a bomber and exploding in a massive fireball. It featured the debris of apartment buildings and armored vehicles at a test range, as well as the scorched ground from a massive blast.

"It will enable us to ensure the state's security and at the same time oppose international terrorism in any situation and in any region," Rukshin said.

With extra oil revenues, the Kremlin has been taking steps to rebuild its global clout and its military.

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