Russian sets world jump record in Himalyas

Valery Rosov
A video still of Valery Rosov on the world record jump.

(CBS News) Famed Russian BASE jumper Valery Rozov has set a new world jump record with a leap in the Himalayas.

Rozov, 47, jumped from the top of Shiving, a 21,466 foot mountain on the Indian side. According to reports, Rozov hit speeds of approximately 124 miles per hour on the jump, landing about 7,218 feet further down the mountain in just 90 seconds.

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The extreme sport of BASE (Buildings, Antenna, Span and Earth) jumping involves leaping from objects such as bridges, buildings and towers. Rosov has garnered renown for other jumps, which include jumping into an active volcano in Eastern Russia in 2009 and from Ulvetanna Peak in the Antarctic in 2010.