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Couple ties the knot in daring ceremony above Utah canyon

LODI, Utah -- Ryan Jenks and Kimberly Weglin tied the knot after first tying a few loose ends. Literally.

According to CBS Sacramento, the couple from Lodi, Utah, are professional highliners -- slacklining, but at a high elevation. It's been described as "trying to walk on a rubber band."

The daring duo balanced on a 2,000-square-foot spacenet to echo "I do" above the canyon in a December ceremony. 

Under their feet was nothing but a 400-foot drop down to the ground.

So, why'd they do it?

"We both love slacklining. We both have made it our lives, so it was pretty easy to decide where to get married," Jenks said.

To accomplish the task, the couple used a net that usually hangs over the canyon. But they made some adjustments to it.

"Normally, it's in the middle of the canyon and has a big hole in the middle that people base jump out of," Wegin said, describing the net to CBS Sacramento. "So, for the wedding, we decided to fill that hole in with paracord, and add like two miles of paracord to the net to make it more stable."  

From there, the only shaking may have been their nerves.

Now back on solid ground, Jenks and Wegin have begun their new delicate balance of married life.

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