Sagrada Família: The construction zone tour

The Sagrada Família, Barcelona's famed basilica, has been an active construction zone for 130 years. Here's the tour that most tourists never get to take

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Tourists, architecture buffs, and even the pope have all come to Barcelona to worship in their respective ways at the altar of the Sagrada Família. It's the life's work of Antoni Gaudí, known as "God's Architect," and although his design is said to be divinely inspired, carving the church from stone required the hands of men -- and 130 years later, they're still not finished.

Tourists who flock there never get to see what 60 Minutes film crews saw at the famed church, so we decided to offer Overtime viewers the real tour of the basilica -- through the construction zone. Our cameras follow 60 Minutes correspondent Lara Logan, as she dons a hard hat and makes her way through a maze of scaffolding and makeshift platforms, through a chorus of tinkering chisels, ascending over the rafters to a place where few get to go -- the tippy top of the Sagrada Família.

Editor's Note: This segment was originally published on March 10, 2013