Sanders still in race despite new poll numbers

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SCRANTON, Pa. -- At a rally in Scranton today, Bernie Sanders was still smarting over his 16-point loss in neighboring state.

Supporters jeered when he mentioned his New York primary defeat to Hillary Clinton this week, but Sanders -- who barely mentioned his opponent today -- assured his base that he's determined to stay in the race.

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In a fundraising pitch he claims that "we still have a path to the nomination" -- even though that would require winning 60 percent of all pledged delegates in the 15 remaining states. New poll numbers cast fresh doubt on those prospects.

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He's trailing by 143 points in Pennsylvania and 25 in Maryland, despite raking in more from supporters overall last month -- $46 million -- than any other candidate.

In Connecticut, he's behind by nine points, and Clinton got a clutch compliment there today at one of her offbeat town halls.

"You are very human. I don't care what they say. You are very human," the person said. "So, good luck!"

How Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton won the New York primaries

Clinton supporters hope Sanders will now follow that lead and throw their support behind her, especially after things got ugly between the two candidates in the contest for the Empire state.

Sanders, for his part, has eased up but is pressing on.