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Sarah Palin: "This is Our Moment"

Sarah Palin's Political Action Committee is out with a new video, "Together," celebrating victories by the candidates Palin supports in yesterday's midterm elections.

The video includes shots of South Carolina governor-elect Nikki Haley, New Hampshire senator-elect Kelly Ayotte, Florida Senator-Elect Marco Rubio, and Kentucky Senator-Elect Rand Paul and others.

"I'm confident and I am hopeful because this is our movement, this is our moment, this is our morning in America," Palin can be heard saying over upbeat music and images of American flags, smiling candidates and happy crowds. "We're gonna stand up, and we're going to speak out, and it may take some renegades going rogue to get us there."

The video ends with a shot of a grizzly bear unleashing a roar while silhouetted against a cloudy sky.

Notably absent from the video are two candidates Palin supported: Christine O'Donnell, who lost badly in the Delaware Senate race, and Alaska's Joe Miller, who currently trails "write in" in the Senate race there. Most of those write in votes are expected to go to Sen. Lisa Murkowski, the Palin foe who mounted a write-in campaign after being ousted from the GOP primary by Miller.

Palin endorsed eleven Senate candidates in the 2010 midterm election cycle, and her results were mixed: Six of them won (Ayotte, Paul, Rubio, Pat Toomey, John Boozman, John McCain) while four lost (O'Donnell, Sharron Angle, John Raese, Carly Fiorina). The remaining race is the Alaska contest, which may not be decided for weeks. (We're not counting Connecticut's Linda McMahon, who Palin never really endorsed.)

Palin's batting average in the House was better: 31 wins, 16 losses and six undecided.

The undecided Alaska race may be the most important for judging Palin's juice in the midterms, since she played a major role (in her home state, no less) in boosting Miller and belittling Murkowski.

I think people will look at that and see that as a reflection of her clout, because she played such an enormous role in defining the terms of that race," Politico National Political Editor Charles Mahtesian told CBS' "The Early Show" yesterday.

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