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Save Money with These Power-Saving Gadgets

If you caught wind of our recent debate on the merits of shutting your PCs off at night, you might be wondering if there are any real-world ways to save electricity (and therefore money). In fact, there are: Computerworld recently rounded up 12 gadgets to help you lower the monthly electric bill.

No matter what you're shopping for, this list has something that can save you some green (by, err, being somewhat green itself). Here's the rundown:

And finally, nPower Portable Energy Generator is a "coming soon" technology that will convert your own kinetic energy -- you know, from walking around -- into power for your gadgets. It'll cost about $150 and save you a buck a year. Like the PowerFilm charger, this gadget will literally pay for itself... if you live to be very, very old.
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