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"Saving Graces"

This morning I saw Elizabeth Edwards for the first time in years. The wife of presidential candidate John Edwards was in the studio to chat about the paperback version of her New York Times best seller "Saving Graces." She has added a new chapter about the recurrence of her breast cancer, which is now incurable, and she talks about their decision to continue the campaign together as a family.

Elizabeth loooks great and has felt really good on the campaign trail. She and her three kids join John for a New Hampshire bus tour this weekend and she told me the only probem is the constant food that surrounds them, and trying not to gain weight! Elizabeth has gotten a lot of attention for some of her comments during the campaign and we had a very straightforward discussion about that. She does not shrink from any subject, and that is part of what makes her book so good, regardless of your party affiliation.

One of the things that has really struck me is the complete lack of self- pity in her story, despite dealing with the death of a child and her own mortality. At one point she even thanks all the strangers she's met and her friends who have supported her, and says "I've had a great life." We could all use a little of that perspective. I think you'll enjoy our conversation.

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