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Scottish Deerhound Snaps Westminster Streak of Small-Dog Winners

Scottish Deerhound: A New Crown for and Ancient Breed
Scottish Deerhound Hickory receiving her prize and going into the history books AP Photo/Mary Altaffer

(CBS) When 5-year-old Hickory took home "Best in Show" at this year's Westminster Dog Show, she became the first Scottish Deerhound ever to take home the top prize and snapped a streak of small-dog winners going back years.

PICTURES: Westminster Dog Show 2011

Last year's winner, the Scottish Terrier Sadie, is about as far removed from a Deerhound as you can get (the only thing she and Hickory have in common besides being dogs is being Scottish.) The petite Scottie was the runaway favorite - her "Best in Show" win was the last title in becoming the first Triple Crown dog show winner.

PICTURES: Westminster Dog Show 2010

The year before that, another pint-sized pooch took home the top prize. Ten-year-old Stump became the oldest dog in the competition to ever win "Best in Show." A Sussex Spaniel, she was hardly larger than her trophy.

PICTURES: Westminster Dog Show 2009

In 2008, the adorable Uno received top honors. In this case the breed says it all: Uno is a 15-inch Beagle.

PICTURES: Westminster Dog Show 2008

While all the champions deserve to be recognized, it is especially exciting to see a breed as ancient, respected, and, yes,  BIG as the Scottish Deerhound get its due.

According to the Scottish Deerhound Club of America, Scottish Deerhounds have been used as hunting dogs going back centuries. Depictions of Deerhounds have been found on ancient Roman pottery. In medieval Scotland, the dogs were so highly prized that only nobility were allowed to own them.

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