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Screen Test: Joshua & Kristina

The Early Show Soap Star Screen Tests continue Thursday with Joshua Friehling, a freshman from Northwestern University, and Kristina Candelarie, a senior from the University of Northern Colorado, competing for roles on CBS' daytime drama, "Guiding Light."

Helping the aspiring actors were Bradley Cole and Lindsey McKeon who play Jeffrey and Marah.

Though McKeon confessed that even she was nervous to do the live audition, she says Friehling did great. For his part, he looked focused and relaxed doing his audition. He said that it helped that he had auditioned for a soap before. "I think any kind of experience you have, anything on camera, can't hurt."

It did not hurt Candelarie either. A drama teacher's assistant, she said she was encouraged by her students to audition and now she, like Friehling, is a finalist.

She says, "We were talking about you really got to take every opportunity that you can, any door that opens, you got to go through it, so they encouraged me to audition."

After one more day of screen tests, you, the viewer, will get to decide which two, male and female, actors get the summer part on Guiding Light.

So get ready. Review the Live Screen Tests by clicking on the interactive at right and tune in The Early Show Friday, when "Guiding Light" regulars Rickey Paul Goldin and Beth Ehlers will assist the final soap star hopefuls in auditions.

Once all the screen tests are done,check our Interactive again. You will find a place to vote for your favorite male and female performer.

We will reveal the results on Monday, Nov. 17.

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