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Searchme Comes to iPhone

Remember Searchme, the search engine that uses giant, scrolling thumbnails to display search results? It borrows heavily from Apple's Cover Flow concept, so it seems only natural that it should make an appearance on Apple's iPhone. Which it has: Searchme is now available as an iPhone app [iTunes link].

As you can see in the above demo video, the app looks and acts much like the browser version -- right down to the dynamic search capabilities, which attempt to guess a relevant category as you enter text. Very, very cool. And you get to finger-swipe the results, just like you do with Cover Flow.

I took Searchme for a spin on my iPhone (it also works on the iPod Touch). Verdict: looooove it. Granted, it's a little slower than a Google search, but the visual aspects are just fantastic. Highly recommend -- especially given that it's a free app. [via Webware]

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