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Second Cup Café: Maureen McGovern

Singer and actress Maureen McGovern, who is currently starring in the national tour of the stage musical "Little Women," performs on The Saturday Early Show's Second Cup Café.

In "Little Women," McGovern plays the role of Marmee, the mother of the March family, who is raising four girls on her own while her husband is away, helping to fight the Civil War.

McGovern originated the role during the show's Broadway run, so she has been playing the part for more than a year.

Although she has a thriving career as a cabaret singer and musical actress, dedicated fans of classic "disaster" movies recognize McGovern as the queen of disaster themes. She sang "The Morning After" for the original "Poseidon Adventure" in 1972, as well as "We May Never Love Like This Again" for 1974's "The Towering Inferno." Each of those themes won the Oscar for Best Song in its year of competition.

Movie fans may also remember McGovern as the singing nun in "Airplane!" (1980).

Learn more about McGovern at her official Web site.

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