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Secrets Of The 'Posh Moms'

Are you hip, savvy, and sensational? And are you a mother or a mother-to-be?

Then you might want to check out a new Web site, The Posh Mom Life, which is designed to keep today's mothers "in the know." The site's co-creators, Amy Nebens and Jara Nagrin, talked on The Saturday Early Show about what it means to be a Posh Mom.

"We are doing research for moms, who are often time deprived," explains Nebens. "We are providing them with everything they need to be 'in the know.' We know it's hard to get through that pile of magazines. So, the tips are quick reads, and they are fun little pick-me-ups."

Who can be a posh mom? Anyone! But remember: no one is posh 24/7. We all have bad days. And Nebens adds, "Poshness is from the inside out. It's not just about clothes. Anyone who had a fab life before, and thought they lost it when they had kids. There are all different levels. Pick what falls in your own comfort level. Anyone can be posh!"

Top Five Tips On How To Lead The "Posh Mom" Life:

  • Live for your kids. "Now we are having kids later, so psychologically, a lot of us are in a better place," explains Nagrin. "We are aware of the mistakes our parents made, and now we know how to do it." Adds Nebens, "We had lives before, and we were ready for kids when we had them. So now is the time for them."
  • Put yourself on your to-do list. This can be dine in varying degrees. One day, it can be a whole day for yourself, or it can be something as simple as taking a bath with scented candles. It can be a large project, like going back to work, or something smaller, like getting ready for something in the future.
  • Treat yourself to the fine things in life. This can mean money or time. It's about balance. Even if your budget goes to filling kids' closets, it's OK to splurge on yourself once in a while, whether it's a handbag or a special piece of lingerie. Nagrin says the idea can help make you a better mother, because if you are happier, your children will be happier.
  • Show concern for others. Adopt a cause and teach your kids to do the same For instance, you can go into the pantry or closet with your kids, and give food or clothing to a shelter.
  • Show grace under pressure. Losing your cool doesn't work with kids, and it sets a bad example. Learning to keep composure is a great feat anywhere under any circumstance, not just at home, and it's good for the kids to learn.
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