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See Doug the Pug as your favorite "Stranger Things" characters

Have you ever wondered what “Stranger Things” would look like if all of the characters were played by one pug? 

Duffer Bros. extended interview 15:00

Probably not, but you’ll love this video anyway. 

Internet star Doug the Pug played all of your favorite characters from the hit Netflix show, including Eleven, Mike, Lucas and Dustin and of course, Barb. 

The YouTube video includes a few key moments from the show as well, like the sensory deprivation chamber adventure and the Coke can crushing scene. Doug the Pug loves frozen waffles, too, apparently. 

Doug The Pug - Stranger Pugs by Doug the Pug on YouTube

No pug demogorgon, though. We’ll have to wait for season 2 of “Stranger Pugs.”

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