Sex guidelines issued for post-heart attack life

Safe sex after heart attack
The American Heart Association has released guidelines for safe sex after having a heart attack. Erica Hill and Gayle King speak with Dr. Jon Lapook about those guidelines.

For the first time, the American Heart Association has guidelines on when it's safe to have sex after a heart attack.

The guideline is that if you can walk up two flights of stairs or walk briskly without having a problem, you're probably OK, but you need to have your symptoms under control.

Sex poses surprisingly low risk to heart patients

"I know the statistics are presented in a weird way," Dr. Jon LaPook said on "CBS This Morning," "But if 100,000 people who have had a heart attack have sex for an hour, then two to three will either die or have a heart attack. That's relatively small. It's more than if they don't have sex -- only one in 100,000 will die or have a heart attack if they don't have sex. So it's two to three times more, but it's still relatively safe."

So how do you talk to your doctor about your concerns? Check out the video in the player above for LaPook's advice.