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Dolly Parton, who has frequently compared her personal style to drag queens and street walkers, once said, "It takes a lot of money to look this cheap." There's a rather profound philosophical statement in that Honky Tonk bravado.

You see, anyone can surf the Web looking for things that are fun, provocative, or moronic and then forward them to all of his friends with labels like "NSFW." It takes a real pro to figure out how to do it for a living.

So here we stand before you, in blonde wigs and stiletto heels, prepared to look cheap, to have the last laugh.

Or something like that. OK, perhaps the Dolly analogy only goes so far.
My point is, we're having fun and creating something that we would actually want to watch. ISP is short and sweet. It's a kind of workday quickie. An afternoon delight.

And you probably won't be too embarrassed if you get caught doing it at your desk.

(Photo caption: Harrison Ford, a gentleman not named Tony Maciulis, and Carrie Fisher.)

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