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Shine For The Holidays

The holiday season is officially under way, and it's the perfect time to prepare and look great for a holiday party or a romantic date.

To help, the current issue of Glamour magazine features the latest beauty products that will make you shine from head-to-toe.

Glamour magazine's Senior Beauty Editor Laurel Naverson stopped by The Saturday Early Show with her favorites for the holiday season, including the latest beauty products that will keep your hair and skin looking great, plus some fun makeup.

Ultimate bath indulgence -- the bath milkshake

PRODUCT: SoSoy Oxysweet Soymilk Frothy Soak Soothing Cleanser
COST: $85 for a large; $55 for a small bottle
WHERE TO BUY: Call 1-888-62-sosoy7 for more information

Naverson says the SoSoy Oxysweet is wonderful for winter. Simply sink into a nice foamy, frothy, hot bath when it's cold outside. And, according to Naverson, it smells so good you'll actually want to drink it.
SoSoy claims the milk and the soy exfoliate will make the skin smooth and super soft.

Body moisturizer that makes you soft all over

PRODUCT: Jergens Shimmer Moisturizer
COST: Less than $7
WHERE TO BUY: Available at local drugstores

Naverson says Jergens is a great moisturizer that you can get for an astoundingly cheap price of less than $7. The manufactures of the product claims it leaves skin hydrated and smooth, which is crucial during the winter because the skin is at its driest during that season.

Jergens' new shimmer version of their classic moisturizer is perfect for the holidays, according to Naverson, because it gives the skin some sparkle. She suggests slathering it all over legs and shoulders when going out.

A go-to (and go-anywhere) skin care kit

PRODUCT: Bobbi Brown Extra Skincare to Go-Skin Balms
COST: $60
WHERE TO BUY: Available at department stores or visit for a store near you.

Naverson says the Bobbi Brown's products can solve just about any skin care need. The Bobbi Brown Extra Skincare to Go kit includes eye balm, dry skin, moisturizer and makeup remover. She describes the balms as soothing and healing. They're a little thicker than your usual moisturizer, but it goes on really light (not greasy).

The skincare is especially great in winter, Naverson says, because that's when your skin tends to be the driest.

Give or get pretty baby brows

PRODUCT Benefit's new Brow Zings Brow Shaping Kit
COST: $26
WHERE TO BUY: Available at or visit for a store near you.

Naverson says wearing wimpy, over-plucked eyebrows are over. She explains thick, full brows are back again, and it can be seen on celebrities and models everywhere.

The Brow Zings Brow Shaping Kit has two powders for perfect blending, tweezers and two different brow brushes. Naverson says the kit is great because they come in shades to match your hair color -- blond, brunette, redhead and dark brown. The powder goes on smoothly and evenly, which is perfect for filling quickly and evenly.

The perfect on-the-go nail file

PRODUCT: Seki Edge nail file
COST: $7
WHERE TO BUY: Call 1-888-965-2824 for store information.

The Seki Edge nail file fits right into your palm and can be used on the sly. This long-lasting, but cheap, nail file comes in many bright, slightly see-through plastic colors.

Cool face powder

PRODUCT: Awake Stardom Loose Powder
COST: $35
WHERE TO BUY: Available at, Neiman Marcus or other upscale department stores.

Naverson says adding the Awake Stardom Loose Powder to the face gives it a cool feeling. The product, which is 77 percent water, takes away shine as it moisturizes.

A little shimmer-for day or night

PRODUCT: Stila Eye, Cheek and Winter Ice Shimmers Palette
COST: $36
WHERE TO BUY: Available at

The icy pastels can be put anywhere on the face -- eyelids, lips or cheeks. It is very creamy in texture and goes on in a thin layer. Naverson says it is subtle enough to wear during daytime, but enough to sparkle you up for night.

A dermatologist in your medicine cabinet

PRODUCTS: DermaDoctor's whole line of skin care products-moisturizer, sunscreen, deodorant, rosacea cream, pore perfecter, T-zone anti-oil treatment and more.
COST: $20 to $40
WHERE YOU CAN BUY: Available at Nordstrom's

DeramDoctor's line is great, according to Naverson, because there's a product for all skin ailments -- rosacea, oiliness, clogged pores, sunscreens, dry skin or chapped/cracking hands. Dermatologist Audrey Kunin makes the products, which Naverson says can fix a lot of skin issues. People are also advised to visit a dermatologist twice a year.

The "it" color for lips: Red!

Naverson says red is popular and perfect for this time of year because there's no easier way to look instantly glamorous. You don't need lip liner or anything else with this color lipstick. You can also put balm underneath the red lipstick if you're scared of bright colors.

PRODUCT: Elizabeth Arden "Drama"
COST: $17.50
WHERE TO BUY IT: Available at department stores

Naverson says this product takes all the guesswork out of lipstick application and looks amazing on every woman. She says the color works for women because it's a classic, true red-not too pink, not too orange, so any skin tone can pull it off.

Naverson advices not to wear bright red lipstick with a lot of eye-makeup because you should only play up one feature at a time.

The "it" color for nails: Red!

Again, it's all about red. But the big trend now is to pick a color that matches your red lipstick, says Naverson. The red nail polish can be playful, but sophisticated and sexy, too.

PRODUCT: Sally Hansen Beyond Perfect Protein Nail Color in Oriental Red
COST: About $4

Sexy new fragrance

PRODUCT: L'Or de Torrente
COST: $80 for a big bottle of eau de parfum, $60 for a smaller bottle
WHERE TO BUY: Available at Saks

Naverson says the rich and pure fragrance of L'Or de Torrente is a change from wimpy, watery, lemony, barely-there fragrances. Instead, she says, this bottle tries to achieve sensual fragrances.

The ultimate hair conditioner
PRODUCT: Fresh Meadowfoam Cream Treatment conditioner for over-processed hair
COST: $32
WHERE TO BUY: Available at

Naverson says the Fresh Meadowfoam Cream Treatment conditioner restores overtired, broken, brittle and dry hair -- a big problem as winter sets in, since the air just keeps getting drier.

It works as well as a deep conditioner, she explain, except it will not weigh your hair down.

Get perfect holiday hair with a product with "guts"

PRODUCT: Aveda Light Elements Detailing Mist-Wax
COST: about $21
WHERE TO BUY: Salons or at

Forget the stick-straight blowouts. Naverson says the big news in hair trend is the look of imperfection and randomly textured hair.

The Aveda product is like a light wax in a spray form. Spritz it right onto your hair, or scrunch it in. Naverson says Mist-Wax gives enough hold to make an updo look elegant for holiday parties, or you can just scrunch it in and leave your hair down for a chunked-up, almost bed-head look.

Finish with a little shine spray

PRODUCT: Redken Vinyl Glam 02 Mega Shine Spray
COST: about $14
WHERE TO BUY: Available at salons nationwide or check out to find one near you

Shine is one of the qualities women really want in their hair -- especially for the holidays. Naverson says Redken Vinyl Glam adds instant gloss in seconds. And the best part is it won't leave your hair stiff or sticky. You can just use a little and your hair will look it's shiniest.

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