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Should You Be Worried About Y2K?

So what will happen when the year 2000 arrives and all of those computer chips, that were designed to handle two digit years get confused? There's software available today that lets you test your own PC. Rajeev Arora heads a company called Viasoft, which is making software that checks the bios chip on your PC for free over the web at

"At home, or at the small office kind of a metaphor, I don't think people need to go bonkers over this. You know, there are, as I mentioned, several different issues. But there's lots of products including ours available which will at least help you pinpoint where the issues are and some of those are fairly easily fixable."
There can be problems with many software packages, like spreadsheets or databases or older versions of financial programs. Companies like Viasoft, WRQ and Symantec are among many that have solutions on the market. When it comes to the bigger picture of the Y2K impact...there are those predicting turmoil. Jason Kelly is the author of a book called Y2K, It's Already Too Late....

"FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, is already setting up troops and food distribution teams in large cities around the country just in case there are domestic disputes and shortages and so on."

Rajeev Arora, isn't quite so worried...

"I'm not one of those Chicken Little, the sky's going to fall down kind of a thing."

There are opinions on both extremes, and everywhere in between.

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