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Should You Get Boingo's All-Access Plan?

Boingo—the hot spot aggregator that sells you wireless service in airports and hotels around the globe—announced a new plan yesterday. For just under $40 a month, they're selling unlimited access to their hot spots around the world. While that's not exactly cheap, it comes as welcome news to frequent business travelers who are tired of getting charged close to $20 a pop just for logging on at some airports.

Even if you fit into that demographic, though, it may make sense to hold off buying in until October, when many of Boingo's deals with European wireless distributors will come online, thus doubling the areas covered. Boingo spokesman Christian Gunning tells me that Boingo's deal with FON, in which Boingo subscribers will get free access to all of the FON ports around the world, will also be finalized later this year. FON's network—which we've written about here previously—will effectively double the Boingo coverage yet again, though many FON networks are in more residential neighborhoods.

Until then, it may not be worthwhile, unless, of course, you're going to be going through a bunch of Boingo's hot spots. Check out Boingo's country pages to see if the airports and hotels you'll be visiting are in the network.

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