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Six Essential Firefox Extensions

permatabs1.jpgCan a browser make you more productive? It can if it's Firefox and you've installed these six extensions:

  • Auto Copy This extension performs the simplest of functions: It automatically copies selected text to the clipboard. It may not sound like a big deal, but it saves you having to press Ctrl-C every time. Hey, one less step is one less step.
  • FireFTP Don't bother running a whole different program when you need to FTP some files. Just click the FireFTP icon and presto: Firefox turns into a full-fledged FTP client.
  • Flashblock No more loud, embarassing, not-suitable-for-work Flash videos when you visit a seemingly harmless Web site. Flashblock gives you, not the site, control over when an embedded video starts playing.
  • Foxmarks If you work on more than one PC (and who doesn't these days?), Foxmarks automatically and efficiently keeps all your Firefox bookmarks in sync.
  • PermaTabs Make any tab "permanent" with just two clicks. This is great for storing the results of a Google search, keeping a site around for reference while you work on a project, or leaving an instant-messaging service like Meebo running at all times.
  • ScrapBook With ScrapBook you can save a Web page, a snippet of a Web page, or an entire site, making this an ideal tool for research and/or reference. It's like Clipmarks, but local.
What's your favorite Firefox extension? Tell us (and the world) about it in the Comments section.
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