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Sneeze Heard 'Round the Briefing Room

Perhaps there was too much dust in the room, or a bad case of allergies prevented NBC's Chuck Todd from covering his mouth when he sneezed as Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius was speaking during Thursday's White House briefing.

Sebelius gave Todd a mock scolding, pantomiming the correct way to cover up a sneeze. She asked the other reporters in the room, "Who's got some Purell? Give that to Mr. Todd right away."

Sebelius jokingly suggested Elmo, fresh off his public health ad campaign which, among other things, promotes sneezing into ones arms, give Todd a special briefing. "Elmo knows how to sneeze," Sebelius quipped.

When Elmo's not advocating tips on staying healthy, he's giving financial advice. Watch Bob Schieffer's interview on "Washington Unplugged".

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