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So Many Questions, So Little Caroline

Politico's Harry Siegel, moonlighting at the The Daily Beast, lays out some Caroline queries we didn't think to ask -- particularly about Upstate New York's ongoing regional depression and the impact of Gov. Paterson's planned cuts to state cash infusions.

It’s not clear if Kennedy supports the approaches proposed by Schumer, Clinton, or Paterson’s plan to cut hundreds of millions of dollars from the ineffective but cash-spreading Empire Zones that many upstate businesses depend on. Does Kennedy agree with their approaches? Which ones? Where and how? How would she adapt their proposals in a time of economic meltdown? Does she have a different plan? Any plan?

And, would she back gambling as a revenue option for the region, as Maryland recently has? Harry:

In Buffalo, construction is already underway on a permanent Seneca casino to replace the temporary one up and running now. Paterson has mostly been supportive of the expansion. Will Kennedy back his play?

The ever-acute John Riley at my alma mater Newsday offers a whole host of interesting queries we neglected:

Would she favor use of the upcoming stimulus package to fund local entitlements in additon to infrastructue? 

Does she support Soffolk County exec Steve Levy, who cooperates with the feds in tracking down illegal immigrants?

And, "Where do you stand on free-trade agreements, such as CAFTA?"

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