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Some of the science behind procrastination (and tips on how to manage it)

(CBS News) Regardless of how responsible you are, chance are at some point you've ended up procrastinating. Maybe you opted to go out with friends instead of writing a paper or studying for a test. Or you put off a big work project an extra day or two due to laziness. From personal experience, your blogger here knows all too well pushing back doing the laundry until the last possible moment. But why do we procrastinate when it helps us to do otherwise? Watch and learn.

I particularly like that the video doesn't just go into the "why" behind the science of procrastination, but also throws out some great tips and tricks to offset it.  In all honestly, I was planning for this post to be longer and explain why I liked the video so much... but I'm tired and figure you get the gist (just a topical joke for you there). All kidding aside, the informative and interesting video was created by AsapSCIENCE, who have more insightful work you can check out by clicking here.

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