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Sosa Apologizes For Bat Mix Up

Chicago Cubs slugger Sammy Sosa says he's sorry about the controversy over the bat he gave New York Mayor Rudy Guiliani, calling it a "misunderstanding."

Sosa presented Giuliani with a bat last month inscribed "Home-Run No. 66," but the Baseball Hall of Fame said the bat the Cubs slugger used to hit his 66th homer already was at the museum in Cooperstown, N.Y.

The mayor said Sosa told him the bat was the one he used to hit his final homer of the season, but the Hall of Fame produced videotapes showing the real home run bat and the one given to the mayor were of different makes.

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  • Sosa said Saturday he had sent apology letters to Guiliani and the Hall of Fame acknowledging there had been a mistake.

    Sosa, who is touring Japan with a team of major-leaguers, said he had promised Guiliani the bat beforehand and "that's probably how the misunderstanding arose."

    Sosa hit a three-run homer Saturday as the major-leaguers beat a team of Japanese stars 9-0.

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