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Spelling, Penmanship Win Out in Alaska

By Harry SmithLisa Murkowski looks to have an insurmountable lead in the Alaska Senate race. You'll remember the incumbent Murkowski was beaten by a Sarah Palin-backed candidate during the Republican Primary earlier this year. But Murkowski, who was criticized for running a lackluster primary campaign, came back to life in the days and weeks after her loss. She mounted a write-in campaign. That included ads that spelled out her name, letter by letter -- M.u.r.k.o.w.s.k.i. Murkowski's attention to detail paid off. As the ballots were examined one-by-one, her opponent's advocates challenged any ballot with a "y" instead of an "I," an "e" instead of a "u." Thousands of challenged ballots piled up. But, the perfectly spelled and clearly printed Murkowski's soon outnumbered her opponent's votes. While the election looked like it might have been about issues or earmarks or records or Sarah Palin, in the end, it was penmanship and spelling that ruled the day. A victory for Lisa Murkowski and second grade teachers everywhere. Just a Minute...I'm Harry Smith, CBS News

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