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Mark Hamill tweets picture of his "Star Wars Episode 9" trailer

Even though the long-anticipated "Star Wars: Episode 9" isn't out until December, the title and first trailer might debut during "Star Wars Celebration" in Chicago April 12.

But on Saturday, "Star Wars" actor Mark Hamill went ahead and tweeted the first "Star Wars: Episode 9" movie trailer ... sort of.

Hamill posted a photo of himself posing in his trailer on the set, pointing to a sign that says Master Hamster in the window.

For those curious about the Master Hamster reference, Hamill fans are called Hamsters, so that would make Hamill the Master Hamster.

"People keep asking me over & over & over again — 'When will they release the #EpisodeIX trailer?'" Hamill tweeted. "A) I don't know. B) Until they do, just be satisfied with this exclusive look at my own personal #StarWars trailer. #PatiencePadawans #IXWillBeFineAllInGoodTime"

This article originally appeared on CNET, titled "Mark Hamill reveals his Star Wars Episode 9 trailer"

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