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Starr's Day In The Sun

When the House Judiciary Committee hearings open on Thursday, Independent Counsel Ken Starr will get his day in the sun, CBS Chief Washington Correspondent Bob Schieffer reports.

Republicans have decided to give him two uninterrupted hours to lay out his case. Only after that will President Clinton's lawyers and committee members be allowed to question him.

CBS News is told that Starr won't recommend any course of action, but he will talk in some detail about how he decided the president may have committed impeachable offenses - especially in regard to perjury and abuse of power.

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Democrats urged Committee Chairman Henry Hyde to subpoena Starr's deputies as well, but it's unlikely Hyde would allow that so Starr may be the only witness called.

Committee staffers also said the information Starr sent to Congress last week about the incident involving Kathleen Willey, the woman who claimed she was groped by the president in the Oval Office, did not appear significant and probably won't figure in the hearings.

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